Well for Roy Hodgson it certainly appears so.

As an avid football fan and buoyed by some encouraging recent performances I sat down last night to watch the latest England friendly, intrigued to see the shape of the team that has ultimately been a few years in its creation.

When the team was announced 50% of them were in positions and roles that they were simply not used to playing. If we work on the widely used assumption the footballers are not the sharpest tools in the box then asking them to suddenly change the way they go about their work and expecting positive results is quite frankly ludicrous!

Roy, what are you doing?

These guys have been training in a certain way and in most cases, a particular position with their respective clubs for the past 40 weeks – and you think by disregarding this you will get a better result.

If we relate this to the commercial world…..it is the equivalent of a Sales Director reorganising their structure to put their telesales people onto their strategic bids, bid managers onto the appointment setting team and have the enterprise sales team pounding the streets knocking on doors – it just wouldn’t happen and if it did the Sales Director would be asked to explain their quite ridiculous decisions quicker than you can say “wally with a brolly”

Team building, be that commercially or in sport is about everyone understanding their roles and responsibilities but ultimately playing to peoples strengths in order to make the whole stronger than the sum of the parts. If this is undermined by pushing people in to unfamiliar territory then it will simply never work.

And for any leader to think otherwise is simply irresponsible.

PS. What is Harry Kane doing taking free kicks??????????