Hmmm… So I have mixed feelings on this.  

I would expect that there are many people who will have very strict opinions as to whether it's acceptable to be able to watch the football from, at or with time off work.  I on the other hand, think that this is a prime opportunity to get some competitions going in the office, you can by all means watch the football... if!  

In response to 'should all employees be given the opportunity?'.... 'Absolutely not' 

So long as it’s in their own time it’s not a problem, but let’s face it, we are not going to be in the competition beyond the first round so don't worry, we won’t have to watch the others enjoying themselves :-)

Oh and watch out for the discrimination battles, I can think of a few of us ladies that are thinking about ladies day at the upcoming Royal Ascot!, if you can do it, so can we!