Sitting in the office yesterday morning, one of my colleagues asked "So what is this Pokemon thing then?"

With much chuckling and guffawing, some of our more 'youthful' team members explained that people go chasing around the streets/pubs/shops looking for imaginary animated characters in the hope of catching them!

Now, I'm not a gamer but anything that gets kids and adults up and out, moving around, having fun and encouraging them out of their sedentary lifestyles, is more than fine by me.

A friend of mine said that his son actually asked him to go out for a walk with him last night - first time ever! Yes he was chasing Pokemons, but they walked/jogged for over an hour - brilliant!

It would of course, be lovely to think that we might do this on our own without the electronic encouragement, but we know that it's is happening less and less - so well done Nintendo. It's taken a while to move on from the Wii (which was also busting good fun back in the day) but you have done it in spectacular style, whilst earning a pot of cash on the way.

Now I'm off to the app store!