Apologies for the direct approach but I don't have anything original to say...

Over the last couple of months at PIE Recruitment we have been tasked with a project to make our InMails on LinkedIn more attractive and interesting.

Every recruiter is guilty of having used the sentence ‘Apologies for the direct approach’ at least once but you have to admit, it’s SO so boring and tedious.

We are in 2016 and platforms like LinkedIn are tools upon which we, as professionals, can network, find and talk to people with like-minded interests. So we need to take full advantage of this as well as getting our voices heard through all the social noise.

As a recruiter I love talking to people about their jobs, what their career aspirations are, what businesses are doing well and - more importantly - who isn’t doing so well!

Talking and networking with people is my job; finding out what the market is doing and new products which are about to be launched is an added bonus.

So why do we feel the need to apologise for the direct written approach? I have used hundreds of InMails in my time because I am lucky enough to work for a business that invests in their consultants. However, whilst we regularly use the service, each message has been sent to an individual we want to work with. Yes, this may be about potential opportunities in the moment, but it is also to network for opportunities that may come up in the future.

Two years ago I spoke to a lady who worked for a DIY business who told me she wanted to stay for two years to gain some experience and then her desire was to work for a cool snacking business in the heart of the city. I remembered this lady and got her a dream job a couple of years later.

Recruiters have a bad name for being seen to push people into jobs. PIE Recruitment are different… just talk to us and you will see.