The web is full of posts about interview preparation.  It's vital and I think most of us entering any meeting situation are all too well aware of the importance of preparing. In the case of an interview, it's everything from understanding the company, the people you're meeting with and of course your own CV & experience.  Here at PIE helping you to prepare for that all important meeting is part of our DNA.  

But how often do you concentrate on the Post-paration?  When using an agency recruiter they do all of that for you, right?

In our case for sure (and we'd like to think we do it better than most). But there's a lot you can do yourself and more often than not, we know that the better you can do this, the better chance you have of another crack at the whip (in the case of a 1st interview ) or giving the interviewers a true flavour of what you're all about when you are further down the line.

How often, particularly when using a recruiter, do any of us do our best to become the candidate in the forefront of the interviewer's minds? Could you enhance the opinion of the interviewers or even sway their decisions by excellent execution of post-paration?

From asking how you did, writing the best follow up e-mail, connecting on Linkedin & analysing how you feel about it, the article below has some great tips.