As a business we've made some mention recently of Millennials and their impact on the digital world we live in now. We're proud to be pretty socially savvy with our social media and content streams. I’m personally guilty of using the M-word!

Millennials make up a vast proportion of candidates and clients and they do bring a huge passion for social media and digital content.

But here’s the thing. These traits aren’t unique to Millennials and never have been. You don’t have to be born from 1980-2000 to live on your iPhone or embrace social media. It’s not just these individuals who want to make a difference and build a career. Fortunately, there is an alternative. This concept isn’t new, exactly. But it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves - in fact, there’s doesn’t even seem to be a Wikipedia entry. For businesses, it’s time to take notice of a new wave of consumers. I’m talking about Generation C.

Generation C is anyone who integrates technology into their daily routine as regardless of age, they share certain qualities. This can be social networks, Bluetooth in your car, smart TV’s, wireless headphones, smartphones, digital appliances and the list goes on.

Depending on who you speak with, the “C” in Gen C can refer to everything from “collaboration” to “community,” “computerised,” and “content. “At the most fundamental level, however, I like to think that Gen C stands for connectivity.

Here’s the critical fact: Gen C doesn’t refer to an age group, it’s a mind-set. There’s no cut-off date. You can be 18 years old or 80 years old and still be a full-fledged member. Nor is it defined by socioeconomic status, ethnicity, geography or any of the classic demographic markers. Gen C isn’t necessarily rich or poor, urban or suburban. What sets Gen C apart is connectivity.