Have you ever come across a blog or article and left two seconds later? Maybe without even consciously realising it, you were turned off by the headline or even the picture. The reality is that most people will decide whether or not to stay on the page in less than three seconds and in recruitment communications there is no difference. 

Whether you're writing a headline for a newspaper, blog or a LinkedIn inmail, the subject line is crucial. Before even opening the post - or in this case 'LinkedIn inmail' - people will decide whether or not they want to read it based on the headline or subject area alone. To get them in and reading, you need to write a headline that you just can't help but click on. 

So we aim - and hopefully sometimes succeed - to write catchy, compelling headlines to encourage people to continue reading.

With this in mind, I'd like to invite people in my network to share their best  or worst 'LinkedIn inmail' approaches.

What is the best LinkedIn or email approach you've ever received? What was it that made you carry on reading? And what's the biggest turnoff on an approach by a recruiter or salesperson? Go on...share them!