Hello 2017. You’re finally here, and what better way to kick start the New Year than making this the year to be organised?  Now, on one of my many scribbled post-it notes somewhere in the office, in my drawer, or at home (hence why organisation is top of the list) I have jotted down that I need to go out and purchase a handy 2017 diary…

Not anymore!

2017 looks to me to be the year of the Bullet Journal! I’m not sure why but I didn’t even know these bad boys existed until earlier this morning, during my daily peruse through the web.

I like to have structure in my life - we all need it working in a non-stop office with a busy social life too! A diary is my usual go to, but the regimented flow of the conventional diary bores me and I usually end up with a near on blank diary at the end of the year, surrounded by mounds of notes on scrap pieces of paper, feeling terrible that I have practically killed a small tree for nothing.

The Bullet Journal however, looks to be an inspiring culmination of all of your thoughts, ‘To Do’s’ and general tasks for the year ahead, but in a style that suits your personality best, whilst giving you the chance to be a bit creative at the same time. For all of us who don’t like to conform as such to the straight lines and perfect precision of a normal diary, this could be the way forward and as the article states, could be a great way to ease any form of anxiety in your day to day life.

I’m off to buy myself a Bullet Journal, who’s joining me?