Are we in the 21st Century? That’s right we are and I can’t quite believe that in 2017, we’re still faced with issues of inequality in the work place!

This takes me back to May 2016 where a receptionist was sent home from doing her job because she refused to wear heels at work. This hit a nerve with one of my colleagues at the time, prompting her to express her feelings on this -

Even with the receptionist going public about these ludicrous demands and having now accumulated a petition of over 150,000 signatures to try and change the law on sexist dress codes in the work place, it doesn’t seem that this has been addressed so far. It’s recently been revealed that there are some employers going as far as telling female employees to wear specific more ‘revealing’ clothes, and even asking women to dye their hair a different colour! As a natural blondie (with a little bit of help these days) I would well and truly tell a potential employer to stick their job where the sun doesn’t shine if they even hinted at the fact that they wanted me to change anything about my appearance for the position! Would a man be told to grow a beard for a job (unless he was going for a role in Game of Thrones or as Father Christmas)!

Will dying your hair a different colour improve your ability to do your job?

I wish I had been a part of the 4.8 million men and women worldwide to walk the Women’s March, not only to support women’s rights but to be a part of a movement where hopefully voices will start to be heard.

Would you change your appearance for your employer?