We all know the classic body language signs or movements that you should and shouldn't do. Some (we hope) are quite obvious:

  • Don’t yawn when you’re speaking to your boss/client
  • Don’t slouch in a meeting
  • Don’t avoid eye contact when you’re trying to make a sale
  • Don’t look like you're bored on your Husband's inauguration ceremony

Obviously, no one told Melania Trump, who wasn’t exactly subtle about her lack of interest on the day her husband became the most powerful man in the world.

If you want to be slightly more self-aware than Melania Trump at your next TV appearance or monthly business meeting, this article gives some good tips on what your body language says about you. But are you really aware of it?

I received some feedback quite recently, that I shouldn’t play poker because what I am thinking is written all over my face. If I am talking about something that I am confident about, it comes across. If I am talking about something I don’t know a lot about, I may as well have CLUELESS written across my forehead.    

So whilst body language is important, being aware of it is key. So - what are you currently saying?