Hello again, Valentine’s Day. You sure do come around quickly with your sea of red, overpriced roses and tacky cards in every supermarket you could grasp hold of! I’m not completely anti-Valentine’s Day, honestly! Even if I did tell the ‘love of my life’ to save his money as I can’t be bothered with any of this lovey dovey malarkey - oh, young love!

But it appears that it’s not only in the supermarkets where you can find a barrage of love today. The attached article has surveyed a range of businesses to find out where romance can be found in the office and the recruitment industry is right up there spreading a bit of love in the workplace!

I have personally witnessed a few office romances over my working career and this would be my personal advice on the do’s and don’ts of a blossoming office romance:

  • DO: Keep it under wraps to start – Chinese whispers, ‘are they together?’ ‘Are they not?’ ‘Did you see that picture of them on Facebook?’, can put a great deal of pressure on a new relationship. Get to know each other first, there’s no need for the whole office to know!
  • DON'T: Please God, no PDA. There really should be no need to manoeuvre around you in the kitchen just because you want to get your smooch on.
  • DON'T: Air your dirty laundry in the office – keep your tit for tat at home, it can cause a lot of friction and be divisive in the workplace.
  • DON'T: Make the rest of the office aware of personal nick names – Save ‘Snuggle Bum’ or whatever you call your significant other half for the privacy of your own home!!

So enjoy your Valentine’s Day, whether you work with your other half or not! And if you’re looking for love, maybe it’s time for an industry change...have you ever thought of becoming a recruiter?