A bit of PIE publicity...well we had to use it a bit didn’t we?  

But turns out the Roly Poly Goalie and his (hilarious in our opinion) stunt actually splits public thought around PR vs Professionalism. 

The jokers have their moment, a TV appearance this morning and countless tabloid column inches grace our traditional and social media feeds.

The Moaners, as usual, threaten FA investigations and disciplinary action.

For what?

Now, I like football, come from a Spurs family and appear to be raising the next generation of (poor) loyal Tottenham fans. I can't profess to be any kind of expert on the subject, but I watched the game last night with interest.

What I saw was a bunch of guys (on and off the pitch) living in two vastly different worlds, with a rare opportunity, certainly for half of them, to put their passion on the world stage.

·15 minutes of fame

·Weeks of excitement, anticipation and build up to the occasion  

·A lifetime's worth of anecdotal mileage and memories and reflection for all involved.

So how can the jokers of the pack be blamed for attempting to maximise all of that? Even if he did have a little flutter on such a trivial matter. As if it would ever have made any difference.

These guys, after all, invest so much of their personal time and thought into creating this community club in the first place, giving so much to bring people together.

Let’s hope sanity prevails.

Thanks to the Roly Poly Goalie and his Pals for not taking life too seriously and for brightening up mine this morning.

Never take your eyes off the PIEs!!!!