Much to my fiance's disappointment, my weekend consisted of watching, in my opinion, one of the great sporting spectacles, the 2017 Augusta Masters.

One of my heroes Sergio Garcia winning by playoff against the unflappable Justin Rose. Something the Americans cant be pleased about, 2 Europeans and an South African making the top three of their own competition!

Garcia's win was fantastic, romantic and so long overdue. Proving that when you fall you must get back up and go again. Learn from your mistakes and anything that you work hard enough for, can be achieved.

The win demonstrated that nothing is impossible. A man un-fancied, that has worked so undeniable hard at his profession for 35 years, failing so many times in the process (74 to be precise), wins the biggest one of them all. That coveted Green Jacket.

It just goes to show that good things comes to those who are willing to work hard, take the negatives turn them to positives and when you could throw towel in, instead dig in and adapt to move forward. If you don't it will never happen.

I think Sergio's win can teach us all things about our careers. 

Learning & Development - Garcia made a putting stroke change in 2012 and back-swing change in 2003 after finishing 176th placed tour finish - Betterment should be embraced, those perceived terrible lows are learning curves and as long as you use them will never be in vain. Do not be afraid of change, change in career can be invigorating and set you on a path to greatness.

Culture & Backroom support - Sergio's father Victor is his coach and has been since day 1 making him one of golfs most successful previously non major winning players. Angela Atkins his fiance has clearly had an impact too her unwavering support and arrival in his life has seen him achieve long awaited success. This is imperative and a strong backroom support team can underpin it all. In any profession your support, mentoring and a culture that matches your values is more important than anything else.

Commitment - 35 years of playing, 74 failed attempts at majors. Hours and hours of practice but surrounding himself with people who love the sport like he does - This is underpinned by the above two points. As without them you would not be as committed as he has shown. He also loves what he does, or at the very least loves what it brings to his life. You need impetus and a goal in order to be committed and dependant on what that is determines your work rate of how to achieve it. If though your heart isn't in it then change it. I can guarantee Sergio has considered giving it all up many many times.

If any of these things have prompted question marks for you on your career, maybe it is time to find a place that you too can have these and will nurture you. So you too can reach your optimum and achieve greatness. Do not be scared to change.

Well done Sergio