Until quite recently, private label/ own label products have been easily identified on grocery store shelves. National brands have had colourful packaging, premium design as well as fantastic product quality. Private label brands have been recognised as 'generic' with bland packaging and design and therefore consumers have always been lead to believe that the products are of an inferior quality compared to more well-known brands. 

Recent surveys have stated that most people believe own-brand foods are as good, if not better than, leading famous brands and therefore it is far away from the days when it was seen as cheap to buy own-brand foods – the preserve of students and slackers. 

Nowadays, not only are we buying the supermarket’s own, we’re also rather enjoying them, to a point of heroism in some stakes.

So what's your opinion on this? 

When it comes to cereal, cleaning products, crisps and tea I regularly shun the brands, but I’m not being torn apart from my favourite Yeo Valley yoghurt, McVities Digestives or Mr Kipling cakes. And on the rare occasions when I need a fizzy caffeinated drink, only a thorough-bred Coke will cut it. 

It’s good to hear that own-label is enjoying the spotlight for a change. While I am a self-confessed snob on some brands, making do with foods that aren’t all-singing and all-dancing is something I believe some of us should aspire more to.