Now, this is a regular question asked in my household. Google comes to my rescue on so many occasions. For example “where is Armenia?” (one whilst watching Eurovision last weekend) followed by “how to perfect yodelling” and finally on to “does Noodle Nation deliver?” (thankfully for me…they do!)

But whilst I was sat there with my phone in one hand, Chinese food in the other, increasing my geographical knowledge as well as practising my new-found skill of yodelling, it really got me thinking. What did we do before technology was so readily available and have we all become far too reliable on technology?

This thought process was again spurred on over the weekend when a cyber-attack hit the NHS along with other businesses across the UK and headlines across the news flashed up that GP’s and Doctors were having to resort to ‘old school’ methods of working, using pen and paper! Best quote courtesy of my father,

“You would have bloody well thought they were having to resort to using a slate and chisel!”

I completely understand where my Dad was coming from! It was said as though this “old-fashioned” method of writing notes down rather than tapping away on a computer/tablet/mobile device, was something from the dark ages! But technology is now the backbone of mostly every business I can think of and if technology ceases to co-operate with us, doing the job in hand does become very difficult!

We experienced something along the same lines at PIE this week where our internet and phone lines went down. The office quite literally came to a halt (for a short period of time). This is when it was technology’s time to shine. Our reliability on technology ensures that even if the office is down, we have our mobiles to still receive emails and make calls to our all-important candidates and clients, but once we got home, we could log on as if we were still in the office and carry on with a normal day’s work.

We do rely heavily on technology, not only at work, but in our own time. If I’m not watching TV in my spare time, I’ll be glued to my phone on social media platforms or sat watching some other series on Netflix. We have to move with the times and that means become more and more reliant on technology! I’ll keep the quill and ink for calligraphy lessons and not for note taking at work!