Does the idea of having puppy’s and dogs at work, make anyone else REALLY excited!? 

I love this article as it talks about all the benefits of having an office pet or bringing your pets to work. Google is clearly leading the way in this. An 'off leech' park specifically for employee dogs and reception with treats and water on tap! I know my dog, Larry, would love that and it means that I get some fresh air every lunchtime. (which is fine when the weather is like it has been)

But there is another side to this. Whist this article claims that they boost morale, employee loyalty and the attraction of millennials to your business, which I agree with, you have to look at the opposite side:

  • People may fear dogs. Imagine every day at work being a test of endurance because you have to run to your desk to avoid your colleagues protective guard dog that can smell your fear.

  • They're a massive distraction. It may just be me, but one of my colleagues brought his pooch in and I spent at least 20 mins (maybe more) in the afternoon paying attention to Dudley! (the dog)

  • Mess? You would expect the dog to be fully “office” trained, but imagine this. Your dogs been wandering the office, being fed the left overs of your colleagues lunch, and a couple of hours later in a meeting wrap up, your lovely pup contributes to the meeting/atmosphere…  

Other than that, I’m fully in favor of office dogs! Even though I know my little one would love nothing more than to be sat on my lap all day… Or humping the bosses leg.