June's soaring temperatures boosted supermarket sales by record levels and sent overheated Britons in search of ice cream.

Well it's all cooled off a bit now, but if the stats below are anything to go by, then our office was almost single-handedly responsible for those additional ice creams!

So, who likes what?  With a wide and varied age range in our place I can safely say that some of our kids only remember a Feast from the second time around!  Some will go for a gut busting Magnum, whereby some will go retro and have a Jubbly!

Whatever the case, when purchasing these lovely pieces of cool joy, I only have one piece of advice - the private label versions of the classics are never as good - so be generous and go branded every time!

Be it a Cornetto or a Fab, fork out the extra cash, get the brands in and everyone will be happy!