Office attire has changed drastically in the last couple of years, with many offices changing from suit and tie, to dress down Friday, to a daily casual dress code. However, with the many options of jeans, t shirts and hotpants comes great responsibility, and I wasn’t surprised to read that a lot of people prefer a uniform.

Being a previous dress code offender myself, I can see both sides to this.

On the one hand, it’s nice to know your boundaries, however recently there have been some questionable dress codes.

There was recently a case put forward to the government because certain work places were enforcing a “women must wear heels and makeup in the office” dress code.

Other dress codes that have hit the news include:

  • No red bra’s
  • Men having to have a haircut once a month
  • Suggesting the best perfume to wear
  • Men to invest in a steam iron

Quite frankly I love our dress code policy – Don’t wear anything that would upset your parents!