So as one of my colleagues has just gone off to play his first pre-season friendly (football obvs!) I just wondered how many other companies actively encourage you to scooch off a bit early to go and play some sport or do something active?

On the other hand, we also have a TV in the office for any number of reasons but the main reason to pop it on seem to be major sporting events - so actively encouraging sport in the work-space too!

As a former high flying netballer myself (yes, really!!) and a highly competitive person, personally there is nothing I love better than watching the tennis or footie in the office, but I wondered how non sporty people feel about it.

Turns out they love it too - it brings comrades together, some (non financial!) betting, sometimes a country to cheer and generally a great feeling.

Similarly, it is great to be know that PIE supports everyone in the business blowing off some steam and really enjoying getting out into the sunshine for some netball/football/spinning (yes people really do spinning!)/boxing/golf/zumba/yoga - whatever!