You bought what for the dog?!!

I love my dog more than anyone in the world. I really do! My loved ones know this, because I tell my dog in front of them.

If you think that’s weird then you either don’t have a dog or don’t admit it!

Arguably, there are two markets that will never decline. Confectionary and Baby. But is there now another category to add to this list?  Petcare? 

Now I am not comparing my dog to your baby, but…

Parents will only buy the best food for their little ones. When you go down the baby isle in the supermarket there has been little call for Value brand baby food. 

The reason?

Because parents won’t compromise on their child’s nutrition. 

Trends show that pet owners (pet parents) are starting to shop in the same way. 

Being a devoted pet owner myself, I know that if I see something that is going to look after my Larry, health, appearance, comfort wise, he is getting it. The miniature doggy sofa and doggy prosecco was maybe a step too far though… and my Instagram is full of Larry snaps! 

Anyway, this article talks about the rise in how much owners are spending on their dogs and cats due to the rise in social media accounts for our furry companions - Which is great for the industry of course.

We're working across the petcare care & nutrition industry at the moment, so if you are a self-confessed pet lover, or are excited by the industry, get in touch

Promise I won’t talk about my dog… for too long.