My boss and I (yes, the one that put me in A&E the other week after a sparring session), will be stepping into the boxing ring in just over 48 hours’ time for an Ultra White Collar Boxing event in support of Cancer Research UK. We have been quite vocal about this on social media (as I’m sure you know!) and our promoters (alright…employers!) PIE Recruitment have also been all over it on our behalf.

We couldn’t have picked a better time to fight, with the build-up of Mayweather McGregor also nearing its climax, Boxing is again at the top of the news and even if in most people’s opinion it’s a bit farcical, the viewing figures for this fight are likely to eclipse any ever seen before.

The training for this event has not only kept me out of the pub but has got me to a fitness level I haven’t had since my early twenty’s! It has been seriously tough and at times difficult to continue and believe that I would get to this point. Colleagues at PIE , friends and family have been an enormous support and offered great help, advice and pushed me through. This has been an amazing adventure and WHEN I finish with a win on Saturday night, this will have been a great accomplishment.

Anyway, time for you guys to get sponsoring, let’s see if I can break the £1000 barrier for a great cause! My Fundraising Page