I LOVE a selfie. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I’m a millennial and we’re an age of selfie lovers.

Whenever we head out somewhere, it’s not long before I whip out my sparkly phone case, getting the boyfriend (who ultimately has the longer arms) to capture the right angle and perfect photo…he hates it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Kim Kardashian pouter – well, only once a certain amount of alcohol has been consumed, nor have I gone to the selfie stick extreme, I just like capturing a moment & uploading them to my personal social media accounts (heavily edited of course)!

But would I ever use a selfie for my LinkedIn profile. NEVER.

From reading the attached article and finding out that 88% of hiring managers are put off by selfies on a LinkedIn profile, well it’s time to up our game.

Unlike all the other social media platforms, LinkedIn is for professionals and should remain professional. That selfie you’ve got from last weekend where you had got your glitter on, looking pretty fly on your journey up to V Festival...save it for Instagram.

As I now look after all of PIE’s social media accounts, you soon realise how easy it can be to find someone through all the different social media platforms. If I can do it, a potential employer can do it!

Have a read of the article, where they’ll give you some great tips on how to boost your LinkedIn profile and if you’ve got photos on your social media that you wouldn’t even want your mother to see, maybe think about setting your profiles to private?