So here I am...writing my first bit of content, having almost completed my first month, in my first new job for nearly 10 years.

Now whilst the title of this article might be initially baffling, let me explain to you where I'm going with this... 

First of all, this is my big's just into the world of recruitment as opposed to stormy seas. 

It's less Siberian tiger, more Will Gardner (similar effect if you mention Ed Sheeran though). Less luminescent algae...more luminescent LED's on the phone in front of me. And absolutely less carnivorous islands certainly more modern/stylish office furniture. However, the story, in my opinion, is equally as exciting.

There I was, a young (yes young) man with 10 years specialist education experience, meandering through life when circumstances conspired against me and it was time to move the zoo (or job in this case). 

I love what I did but I was ready for a change.

As chance would have it, the storm came along in the form of one Lyle Edwards - 'Hurricane Lyle' if you will - who promptly sold me with musings like 'you can make a truck load of money' and 'you'll be good mate' (a small ego caressing and I was in basically). So there I was a month and a half later...ready. Ready to journey the oceans of eligible candidates with a wild animal. An animal with its own mind and own ideas, as I would quickly learn.

Now the first week definitely felt like I was being dragged along on an improvised life raft counting my rations (or Inmails, you pick), but the team at PIE persevered with me and were happy to steer me on the right path. They were my fluorescent whales that appeared to me when hope was lost. When things got hard they pointed me towards land and let me drink it all in before heading back out there, but they never let me stop altogether.

The second week was similar, although this time, they let me make some mistakes, and I needed too! An ego gets you nowhere in this game and shouting at the sky in a rage got Pi, and me, nowhere.

As I move through my third week, I've come to realise that this is a long road/voyage to get where I want to be. All around me people are setting up interviews, covering jobs and setting up new sales opportunities...while I'm sat here trying to get someone to answer the phone. 

There' s a fine art to recruitment and more specifically people...some are zebras that are white with black stripes and others are black with white stripes. The gift is being able to tell the difference...

I'll let you know how I get on.