Dash cams have seen a meteoric rise over the last year. As numbers have soared rapidly amongst consumers, they are now slowly filtering into fleets across the UK. These devices can now be fully incorporated into a fleet telematics proposition and as a result, fleet managers are becoming ever more susceptible to the idea.

Is it worth it?

When your vehicles are crucial to the smooth running of your business, it's critical that your fleet is as operational and effective as possible at all times. With this in mind, there are a number of factors that fleet operators are considering when turning to fleet dashcams.

  • Save money on your fleet insurance premiums.
  • Protect your no claims discount and future premium costs.
  • Simplify insurance claims with irrefutable evidence.
  • Protect against fraudulent crash for cash insurance claims.
  • Monitor, assess and influence your driver's behaviour.
  • Track and evaluate vehicle movements accurately.
  • Use footage to train and educate new drivers.
  • Protect your vehicles against accidents when parked.

The above would suggest it’s a no brainer. However, issues of privacy and confidentiality have already been highlighted as concerns for some drivers in the fleet space. Will this lead to problems in the future when further fleet businesses look to implement dashcams? Only time will tell...