Picture this Gents: it's 10:00 am and you're 5 coffee's deep (and two glasses of water... because hydration's important) and you're just about to happen upon your first movement of the day. It's not quite break time, but a few minutes to yourself to collect your thoughts are essential at this point. You meander down to the toilet, only to find it engaged! And worse, the exiting occupant is the young lady from the desk opposite you...and the 'aroma' is enough to melt an eyebrow!

But seriously - gender neutral toilets?...Come on! 

Let me be clear...

I'm all for work place equality and fair opportunity for all, whether that be gender, sexuality, race or religion orientated, but sharing the toilet is where I draw the line. 

This represents nothing in terms of 'equality' in my opinion. 

Address the salary deficit or perhaps the inconsistency in female to male recruitment into leadership roles within large businesses...before we worry about where our employees are doing their business. Channel 4 has, however, given it a go and has so far received divided opinion on its value. Which is somewhat strange given they've unified their facilities - don't believe me? Read the article below.

In my mind, the mystery of the ladies toilets should remain exactly that...a mystery. When I make a visit, I want to order my thoughts, check my shoddy attempt at shaving in the mirror and maybe answer a few emails before I return to the grindstone. 

I DON'T want to worry about the poor girl on reception being the next one in after me!