As a gin lover (before, throughout and no doubt after the boom!) I am thrilled that the British gin industry is doing so well.

Yes, it has all become a little bit over the top sometimes, with so many ways to drink the beloved gin, but I have now tried a few and rest assured, they do all taste a bit different!

Having recently completed some 'market research' at the Oxford Gin Festival, (which incidentally could have been seamlessly switched for an episode of Midsomer Murders), I managed to sample a few of the 60 different types on offer.  It was a triumph and I will now be buying some of more obscure gins out there.

So, if you are a gin lover, get out there and support all those wonderful artisan gin makers (well maybe not all) and let's make sure that the gin renaissance isn't just a flash in the pan and continues for our future enjoyment - Cheers!