So I've just seen the first discussion of the year as to whether we should turn the clocks back at the end of October or if we should leave them alone and continue to enjoy the light at the end of the day.

Personally, I would prefer the light to continue through until 5.30pm in the middle of winter.  I know that it would mean getting to work with a darker morning - but it's dark almost all the time anyway with the clouds and rain and general YUK!

I know it is quintessentially British to spend the next three weeks asking everyone you know if the clock go forwards to backwards (spring forwards, fall back y'know) and that it makes our country different and interesting, but let's just admit that part of the reason that we love moving the clocks backwards and forwards again and again, is that as a country, we just love to be contrary!

I would love for us to stick with BST and not put the clocks back this autumn - Bring me sunshine!