It's nearing the big day. Only a week away from presents, Prosecco, Christmas dinner, wine, games, beer, fights and cheese…oh, and port. Or are they just my Christmas days?

Either way, I am low on funds, I still have presents to get and I haven’t even started to plan the dinner!

What has been really helpful this year, is “How to spend it well at Christmas” with the lovely Phillip Schofield. It has given me loads of present and stocking filler ideas this year but the best one for me was when Phillip and chef Rosemary tested out Christmas dinner in a box!

Yes, that’s right. First, there were nuts and chocolate in a box from Graze, then there was a cheese “postie” (toastie) in a box, and now Christmas dinner!

For as little as £12 from the Co-op, you can get a full roast dinner for 2. And it looked pretty good.

With The Guardian stating that the price of Christmas dinner has risen by 5% this year, why not go for the quick, cheap (and less messy) alternative?

No wrestling the turkey in and out of the oven, no trying to get all of the timings right, no burnt parsnips and raw roast potatoes – it’s all set out for you.

So if there are just a couple of you for Christmas lunch, open the bubbly and get out your Christmas box.

If it’s good enough for the Schofield and Rosemary, it's good enough for me!