I'm referring to recruitment consultants and estate agents of course, the people that are often referred to as a blight on society, jumped up money grabbing ****, well, you know the rest. 

However, when it comes to the crunch and you need to move jobs or home, which will without doubt affect everybody at some stage of their lives...YOU WILL INTERACT WITH US. 

I am  privileged (that’s what I think anyway) ....

I'm in a position to have been in both industries and still find it amazing the negative perception people have about both industries.

Whoever you are interacting with as a customer or client, whether in a business capacity or your personal life, there are always going to be positive and negative experiences in the way you are dealt with and the value you will eventually put on the transaction/interaction you have had. 

In fact, to be successful at being the ‘middle man’ as it describes in the article below is exceptionally challenging and this is backed up by the amount of ‘sales people’ who try both and move on within 6 months due to the challenging environment…trust me, I have seen it many times!

In my opinion, the best advice from this article is to be honest because if you open up to a ‘good’ recruitment consultant it will help you and the consultant to work out if there is a route forward for you to work together.

What are you waiting for...CALL ONE OF US NOW.