It seems the New Year is the time for a fresh start — and one resolution that many people typically make going into January is to find a new job.

Today I conducted a search on our CRM and I found that over 21% of our automotive candidates are seriously thinking of making a career move as the New Year gets underway.

Motivations vary, but without question money is a key factor for many of these people. In fact, 61% told us they would be looking for increased wages this year. By contrast, 29% said they were interested in a position with more responsibility. Meanwhile, for 43% a better work life balance is their priority. (We predominantly recruit sales professionals so the above did not surprise me.)

In my experience, Q1 is the perfect opportunity to go after your dream job. In January, the excitement of Christmas has died down, and both employees and employers alike are looking to start the New Year afresh.

For many businesses, the financial year starts as of April 1st and headcount is usually near the top of the agenda, which in return creates opportunity for job seekers. Timing and momentum is crucial in recruitment and engaging with businesses at the start of these cycles can only enhance your chance of securing your new job.