Ahhhh Pizza! A Friday night fave. And Saturday, some Sundays, occasionally Monday, and to be honest last night instead of going out into the snow, I had Pizza Thursday.

Anyway, it's apparently the most Instagram-able food and I can see why. When I am trying to be healthy and a big cheesy Pizza pops up on my insta feed it's such a temptation.

And with the Beast from the East, I found myself reaching for the comfort foods which includes a nice Margarita, Hawaiian & Meat Feast. 

Sound familiar to anyone else? It's not just us!

Apparently, consumers behavior will change even with the smallest variation in temperature. An article from Weather Unlocked found that just 1 degree rise in temperature can trigger a 22% increase in demand for fizzy drinks, 60% decrease in porridge, and 90% increase in garden furniture.

Certainly rings true to me. But back to the pizza...

I found this article about 5 different ways to create Pizza and it proved an interesting read. I've heard about the cauliflower based healthy version but frankly, Crumpet Pizza sounds so much nicer don't you think?

And honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about a Yorkshire Pudding Pizza but the Chizza...yes please. Have a look and see if any of these will replace your Friday night Domino's today in light of the abysmal weather conditions we're currently experiencing!!