As managers we have all been there when individual members of your team are performing less well than you'd hoped.

In my experience organisations often focus on a quick fix as one person not pulling their weight affects organisational performance, especially in smaller businesses like I have worked in.

I don’t see enough long-term planning as performances can often be improved by simple tweaks. For example, Could investment in training help? Alternatively, could this person fit in to another side of the business?

As sales people we have all enjoyed good times and we certainly have gone through bad times and that is why I am strong believer in continuous development and backing your team. If you genuinely believe they have the ability and motivation to turn their performance around, then work with your people, not against them.

Before you can fix poor performance, you must understand its cause and rather than becoming absorbed with productivity and numbers, lets investigate our individual’s ability and their motivation to succeed as anybody can turn their performance around with the right guidance.