That's right, take a minute to let that sink in.. in 32 years time, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. UNLESS we do something about it. 

(On a side note, how disgusting is the human race to have done this to our planet in the first place?!)

Look, I'm not claiming to be completely innocent in this. I'm the first to hold my hands up to say I've been ignorant to everything that's going on. But I want to be more aware, (education is KEY) and I think that if everyone made a small step to change behaviours, it would be a huge improvement and a huge step towards unf**king the planet.

So, Will Gardner, (and you, Sarah Wixon) can we make a PIE office ban please? A ban on plastic bottles? 

(And if you fancy buying everyone at PIE a new re-usable metal drinks bottle, Chilly's do a great "Flamingo" one, hint hint..