Sorry everyone – quick rant!

So today is the day the England squad is announced – our chosen ones who are going to be responsible for raising the countries spirit only to dash our hopes down the line. (I hope not)

Listening to the radio this morning the big debate was on Joe Harts inclusion/exclusion. So called pundits and ex-pro’s stating that his experience for the rest of the squad would be vital…75 caps, tournament experience blah blah blah..


  • Being dumped by your club as you weren’t good enough for the new manager?
  • Losing your place at West Ham?
  • Dropping clangers in big games?
  • Being an integral part of an England team that has taken underachievement to new depths?

The current squad is full of young, hungry, fearless footballers. Why on earth would we want to impart Joe Hart’s “experience” on them.

At PIE, business is flying and in the last 2 months we have taken on 3 bright, vibrant new recruits who are currently learning their trade.

What shall I do?

Am I going to hire a new manager to work with them to impart their experience? You know the sort…worked for all the big boys, well trained, had 5 leadership roles in the last 5 years, doing the rounds, never pulled up any trees.

Am I heck?

Why taint the exuberance of youth with the failures of the past?

Joe, I hope like me you are cheering the lads on from the safety of your living room.

Just don't spill the popcorn :-)