Coca-Cola vs Pepsi.

Okay lets talk about this… Restaurants and pubs seem to think that these two brands are interchangeable.

THEY ARE NOT! (I'm afraid this is one of my biggest bugbears!)

I'm a Coca-Cola girl through and through: Classic full fat Coke, not this diet stuff or Coke Zero…. But I'd still have either of these over Pepsi!

When you order a Coca-Cola and someone asks 'Is Pepsi okay?'

The answer is NO!

If I tried to pay with monopoly money… Would that be okay? Of course it wouldn't be.

For me, the Coca-Cola Christmas advert is the turning point in my year. It's so iconic now that the trucks travel the length and breadth of the country for people to come and see them and really get in the Christmas spirit. The most impressive thing about Coca-Cola is the longevity of the brand, Coca-Cola was established in 1886 - Pepsi in 1893. 

Pepsi have been a competitor brand from the start.

Pepsi can do their worst and try their hardest - they can beat Coca-Cola in the rankings and awards but for me there is eternally one winner... Classic Coca-Cola of course. Personalized, universal, well known to the outer reaches of the world. 

Pure branding class.

So, are you Team Coca-Cola or Team Pepsi?