Yet again Greggs has provided us with a marketing spectacle by fooling discerning food gourmet connoisseurs by rebranding to the high end food retailer “Gregory and Gregory”.

You’d think all these Michelin Star chefs and diners would be able to tell the difference between a large scale manufactured “Mexican Bean Wrap” or a “Lemon and Herb Chicken and Roast Vegetable Grain Salad” masquerading as high end produce, wouldn’t you?

How wrong can you be? With comments such as “I’m not really a vegan type of person, but this is really good” and “You can really taste the herbs can’t you?”, this got me thinking a little. As an ex Greggs employee, I have been behind the scenes in store and made many sandwiches in my time. But would I call them quality? Possibly not! It’s hard to make a comparison between a Greggs sandwich/salad and the huge rise of smaller, food on the go producers where the ingredient sourcing is of fundamental importance.

So does quality affect the taste or is it all in the mind? After all, retailers and shoppers alike get behind many brands where the quality can be questioned but where the brand impact and message penetrate the market so deeply that this doesn’t matter to many.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.