Whether you're working in FMCG Marketing or anywhere across the Consumer or even B2B spectrum, you're probably thinking about how you can use key events to leverage engagement from your audience.  

Be it anything from social media to on pack promos, footy talk is probably in all of our plans over the next month...

Case in point I suppose - here I am choosing a Footy article to share...

But FMCG marketing teams have been missing a trick according to John Nevens at strategy experts, Bridgethorne.

He's right, and with Shopper Marketing certainly amongst the latest FMCG hot hires over the last six months, it seems that many FMCG brands are catching on.

We'e seen a surge in the demand for Shopper marketing talent, at far more than the activation level as part of the roll out team, but strategic, game changing level.

Brand teams need to make sure the shopper is as forefront of mind, from the root of the brand plans, but certainly when it comes to footy talk!