The change in law allowing learner drivers to have lessons on UK motorways has definitely received mixed feedback. With younger drivers being more likely to be involved in road accidents - is putting them onto busy and sometimes daunting motorways the right decision?

Requirements are clear. If learner drivers are going to be heading on to a motorway for a lesson, this MUST be with an official instructor in a car with dual controls (which I feel is comforting for other road users, as many people had originally voiced their concerns of learner drivers being on a motorway in a car without dual control). 

This change in law is hoping to give new drivers more confidence with driving on the motorway, after 27 per cent of drivers said they were scared when they first went on to a motorway according to a study from AA. The likes of RAC and AA have also welcomed these changes.

In my opinion, as long as the driving instructor feels the learner driver is at a sensible level, then I don’t see there being any issues. Only time will tell if these changes lead to a decrease in motorway accidents in younger drivers.