We've all been there.

It's Tuesday morning. Some would argue that Tuesday morning is worse than Monday morning. You sit down at your desk and you've had an email that has already set the day off on a bad foot and then it starts.... 

The office buzz... coupled with the annoying noises and habits that come with it. If you don't notice them, you may be a culprit. 

Whether it's that colleague with the shrill loud laugh, the constant chatter when you're trying to concentrate, tapping, moaning, keyboard warriors, Love Island debriefs and if it wasn't bad enough, its now hay-fever season...get a goddam tissue!!! (sniff sniff) 

Research has shown that productivity in our offices is at an all time low and looking at the list in this article, I am not surprised.

With checking mobile phones and constant questions being in the top 5, I must admit, I am an offender but how do we tackle this and improve productivity? This article has some great suggestions. 

Any other annoying distractions I missed out? Comment below.