I’ll be honest, after spending five days down in Cornwall for my best friend’s wedding, the idea of drinking anything alcoholic (ever again) makes me want to heave.

I’m not the biggest drinker anyway (I blame my Asian heritage...) but I’m not ashamed to admit that I absolutely succumbed to peer pressure and two days later, my stomach is still trying to digest the mixture of Prosecco, whisky, beer & wine. As an almost  30 year old, (but not quite!) it just wouldn’t have been socially acceptable to toast the newlyweds with a glass full of apple juice - would it?!

So what ARE us non-drinkers supposed to do? Is ordering a “Virgin Mojito” the answer? An apple juice with a handful of mint, a load of ice and a dash of soda water, at three times the price of a normal apple juice?

It seems like Ben Branson may have found an answer.

Enter 'Seedlip'...the Botanical Beauty, aka, what to drink when you're not drinking. Retailing at £27.99 a bottle, it's a pricey alternative - but could it be the answer to the prayers of the sober? Whatever your view it's attracting attention from celebrities and investors like Diageo, who clearly see an opportunity to tap into the growing trend towards alcohol abstinence.