I’m a big advocate of making an awesome first impression. It’s important through all aspects of life, whether you’re making new friends or meeting the girlfriend’s family for the first time. Another time when first impressions are crucial is when starting a new job.

I started at PIE Recruitment a week ago and meeting new people in the office means that you have to put your best foot forward. This is something that can be quite daunting, and it should be. The average first impression is formed in only seven seconds of first meeting someone. It took me longer to write the last sentence, or from an automotive perspective, it’s roughly the same amount of time that a Ford Fiesta ST takes to get from 0-60mph.

Getting these seven seconds right is therefore crucial, not only in work but also in life. But what defines right? The article below provides 7 useful tips and tricks to make the most of your seven seconds. But one thing I would always remember, smile, be polite and most importantly be honest with who you are. Just be yourself!

And with regard to the first impression I made on my first day? Well I’m still here a week later, so I can’t have got it too wrong.