So...the UK's biggest supermarket is opening a new discount brand to rival the likes of Aldi & Lidl. 

Tesco is trying where others - like Sainsbury's - have failed in the Discounter Channel and I for one am very interested to see how it works out for them. 

Reports indicate that up to 60 sites have been identified for the new venture - with one opening in Cambridge this week and another in Lincoln to follow, before a larger roll out next year.

I have to say however, they could have thought of a better name. Although the idea of naming it after their founder Jack Cohen means they are trying to keep it in the family, 'Jacks' doesn't really go with the whole discounter idea. A discounter sells itself on it's low low prices but you use a 'Jack' to raise things up. Then, of course, there is the whole "Jack the Lad" piece - hardly a concept that a grocer wants to be associated with.

However, that aside, I personally think that this could work for Tesco as long as they distinguish themselves from the Grocery Format Stores and are competitive with price - as let's be honest, we go to these stores with the idea of maybe coming out with some groceries as well as a new pair of slippers from the middle aisle - if you know, you know! 

Will it fly? We shall see...