In FMCG it seems opportunity is nowhere - there's yet more doom and gloom in retail, the toy industry is falling off a cliff, food businesses are posting record losses, consumer products are being scrutinised for plastic wastage (rightly bloody so), millennial's are not drinking alcohol anymore (this is utter garbage I drink enough for at least 10 of us). 

No one is safe.

Sounds a little bit scary right? 

I wholeheartedly disagree. PIE has had a record year and in my 6 years working in the FMCG sector I have literally never seen anything like the investment in headcount we are experiencing now across the industry. 

The consumer market is positively buzzing, with the influx of superb SMEs driving category growth such as Bio-tiful Dairy, Cawston Press, Vita Coco, Bear, Bighams, The Collective - not to mention the likes of Graze and Fever Tree.

There are lots of chances to take part in business turnarounds, driving success from where others have failed in slow growth/declining categories. Those are crying out for some renewed focus and vigor! How does that not appeal? It's awesome surely!? 

This can 100 percent be likened to the old adage of "it's a buyers market". Candidates need not fret, you have your pick of some of the coolest brands in the industry! Likewise, those thinking of a career straight out of Uni need not be afraid of the perceived lack of opportunity and horror stories. For every bad thing, there are 5 amazing things happening.

FMCG is now turning the next corner into Brexit - yet another precipice to stand at the top of and peer over, wondering whether to take the leap...FMCG was always a risk takers game anyway wasn't it? 

Opportunity is nowhere or Opportunity is NOW HERE? You decide...