Yes, that’s a pretty bold statement to make. But like all of us, there’s always that initial childlike excitement when I see that first snowflake drifting down from the sky. But let’s be honest, the novelty very quickly turns into frustration… Well it does for me anyway!

It usually takes less than an inch of snow for the UK to turn into panic stations; everyone forgets how to drive, you MUST head to the shops to empty the shelves of all the essentials you’ll need to get you through the night & it’s cold!

I know a lot of other places around the UK have it a lot worse, but living and working in the Chiltern Hills has also seen its fair share of disruption in the last week or so; a normal 10 minute, 4 mile commute took over 2 hours last week… & I drive a rear-wheel drive automatic which made the journey that much more gruelling. The only place I like to see the snow is at the top of a mountain with my snowboard at the ready.

Anyway, that’s my rant over for now. Even though there’s more snow forecast for Thursday when I’m due to be flying out to snowy Iceland…

Wish me luck.