There's now only 7 weeks to go until my first London Marathon and after being injured from late December to early Feb, training is back on track with 19 miles well and truly under my belt. 

I'm hoping to be one of the approx. 40,000 competitors to finish the London Marathon, which according to the article below is less than the amount of people who will join the list of ultra-rich individuals with fortunes in excess of £22.7m. You never know, if I buy the right lottery ticket on Saturday night, I could achieve both!

As I mentioned in my last blog, PIE Recruitment's Social Media guru Charlie has been on my back getting me to vlog ahead of the London Marathon. Now, when I wrote my last marathon blog, I wrote about how even the thought of vlogging filled me with terror. However, a month on and although it's still taking a shed load of ‘takes’, I'm getting more comfortable being in front of the camera and am actually quite enjoying it.

Another reminder that it's important to continuously push yourself out of your comfort zone, otherwise you'll never know or find out what you might be capable of!

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