Unless I start begging and barking for treats (a poor analogy as I’m already guilty of this), there’s no chance that I’ll be having a microchip implanted for work.

I’m not sure if I’m being over dramatic, but isn’t this a real breach of someone’s human rights? From what I understand from the article, a microchip can only be implanted with consent. But could this set a dangerous precedent where employers will therefore only hire individuals who will consent to this?

I currently use a microchip fob to get in and out of our offices but implanting this in to my hand would be one step too far for me I’m afraid.

Saying that, these microchips would have the capability to track your whereabouts at all times, which could come in handy at the weekend to refresh my memory on how I got home after a boozy night out!

If microchipping became an option at your company, would you go for it?