The nomad workforce is a thing.

Gone are the days of a "job for life".  

That's not news and thankfully, it's hardly a phrase that appeals to most people these days anyway.

However, it's an interesting fact that what would have been traditionally tagged as "job hopping" (moving from employer every 2-3 years) is fast becoming the acceptable norm for millennials and the gen Z work force.

For employees under 30, with tenures with one employer being estimated at just under 4 years in the UK and set to shrink at that, the nomadic employees are searching for personal and professional fullfilments and the benefits of a pay rise that come with a move.

The more nimble, talented and flexible workers are, the more they are able to switch jobs or careers.  And while workers need to adapt to new nomadic lifestyles, so too do companies.  

Here's what organisations can do to improve their chances of attracting and keeping the nomads, according to Vincent Milisch, a Korn Ferry senior client partner who specialises in Strategic workforce planning.

Create a Career Architecture

Give employees a view of a variety of roles throughout the organisation. It may show some of them that they actually can satisfy their career aspirations at one firm.

Help Employees Upgrade 

Provide robust development programs so employees can continually refresh their skills. Software programs can help workers learn everything from accounting to the building blocks of emotional intelligence.

Make Development a Company Priority

Have a group of leaders accountable for career management. This group has responsibilities for increasing engagement, reducing turnover and making sure high potential employees.