Happy 150th Anniversary Kraft Heinz.

And what a better way to celebrate than by partnering with your no.1 fan, Ed Sheeran, on a special edition bottle, charmingly entitled 'Tomato Edchup'.

I'm definitely a take it or leave it kind of girl when it comes to ketchup - I don't have any in my house, but I must admit I am already excited about purchasing the limited edition bottle. I am what they describe as the 'ultimate consumer' - totally gullible and will buy anything if it's shiny, special and new. 

White Walker Johnnie Walker Whiskey...do I drink whiskey? No. Did I buy it? Absolutely! Why? Because I love Game of Thrones. 

Coca-Cola did 'Share a Coke' with personalised name bottles. I think I must have gone to about 50 different supermarkets just to find Alice. I loved it! I even bought my cat's names. 

There are so many more great re-branding's out there: Marmite Gold Tub, Skittles Gay Pride packets and Innocent 'The Big Knit' to name but a few. What are your thoughts? Do you think that limited edition bottles are worth it? Would you buy a limited edition bottle of a brand if it partnered with something you were passionate about (even if you didn't like the product?) Or am I the only 'ultimate consumer' who is willing to admit to it!