For those that don't know me - and that's all of you because I'm new - recruitment is a whole new world to me. My career background varies from online dating (pre-Tinder), to experiential marketing and more recently, the paint industry! 

I was searching for a quote that would sum up my view on the world of recruitment prior to last week when I started at PIE, and the below couldn't be more accurate. 

Now I'm not saying my preconceived idea of recruiters was wrong. There are definite Ari Gold characteristics among the team, and I think even Ace Ventura would be impressed at just how fast these guys can spit out a sentence. What I didn't expect was their vast knowledge of the industries that they work in. It's safe to say my shopping habits are forever changed after spending just 1 hour with the FMCG team.

I've also been suffering with a major case of 'candidate guilt', having spent time with the team here and seen first hand how much research and effort goes into what they do. I think back to how many calls I've dodged and how many times I've accidentally answered and said 'can you call me back later?', knowing full well the likelihood of me answering that call is slim. Recruiters everywhere, I sincerely apologise. 

Sort of.

One of the other things I've learnt this week is that not all recruiters are quite like this. It seems my personal experience is not a lone one. Some of them will call you 15 times a week about a job that has no relevance to you, and they are the ones giving recruiters a bad name. Shame on you lazy recruiters! 

Moving on... this week for me has been all about getting to know the industry (and the industries within the industry), but also getting to know the brand. The brand is actually one of the key reasons I was so keen to join PIE. It's a brand with balls. PIE has a voice and it's not afraid to use it, and I love that. 

So what's next? While continuing to absorb as much info as I can, I'll be getting to work on our marketing strategies. Be prepared to hear a lot more from us in the upcoming weeks and months. We'll be bigger and louder than ever before.