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Is your job search being greenwashed?

By Kayleigh Giles

It couldn’t be more topical at the moment- what are organisations doing to make themselves sustainable?

Does an organisation stand out to you if they can demonstrate they are savvier, and interested in where their products are coming from, how they are produced and what businesses are doing to lead on the conversation around sustainability and CSR?  Eco claims are everywhere and we as consumers now have to take it upon ourselves to investigate the authenticity of these claims.

‘Greenwashing’ is the act of making a product, policy or activity appear less environmentally damaging than it really is. Increasingly it’s being called out, with a legislative crackdown to protect consumers, rival businesses and investors.

Back in 2021, the Competition and Markets Authority launched an Anti- Greenwashing code as they were concerned consumers were paying more for so-called eco-friendly products, and businesses that were genuinely investing in going green were not getting the visibility they deserve. Greenwashing is rife when it comes to plastic packaging and products from well-known brands’ who are “obscuring the real impact of plastic”.

I think this is a great discussion point. So many people work for businesses that have a huge corporate social responsibility- but are we really asking the right questions at interview stage to determine if this is a business we are interested in working for and that match our own ambitions about how we impact the planet? In the current market where candidates are in multiple processes, and very much have the choice of businesses that are appealing, I’m interested to hear how much this might influence how you decide on businesses that you want to work for?

 In my humble opinion, in a candidate led market this is only going to increase with importance. Transparency really is the key in this and hose companies who are more transparent with their practices, will end up winners in the competitive war for talent.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to chat further to anyone that feels as passionately about this as I do!

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